What We Are Not Accepting

Here are a few things to consider to give yourself the highest chance of acceptance.

This anthology does not accept pure erotica, explicitly sexual content, or works where sex acts are the primary focus of the piece. However, it’s a fact: humans have sex. If it’s incidental to a great story we’d love to consider your work.

You are an artist. Be artistic. Profanity for the sake of profanity does not impress us and will be rejected. Because we’d like to reach the widest audience possible, we actually recommend that you avoid it entirely. This does not mean we won’t consider works which contain cussin’, but if your writing isn’t great without profanity, swearing to make it edgy isn’t going to help.

If your great writing is accepted but contains profanity, expect to work with us to tone it down for a broader audience.

Previously Published Work
As a rule, the goal of Spark is to publish great writing & poetry the world has never seen from both established and up-and-coming writers and poets. However, exceptions may be made for exceptional writing; for CSSSA alumni who attended the California State Summer School for the Arts more than 10 years ago, or who have had more more than two short pieces professionally published; or any writers who have had at least one professionally published novel. Please see our FAQ entry My work has appeared on my blog. Do you consider it ‘previously published’? for details on what we consider “previously published material.”