New: Several of these selections are featured in the “Behind the Spark” series, in which Spark contributors and editor Brian Lewis explore and discuss work that has been featured in the anthology.

Be sure to check back regularly for new excerpts to be posted.

Volume VI

Foreword by Goodloe Byron Read >

Gabriel GriffinRed Riding-hood’s Garden

A bit of air will do you good. Read >

Llanwyre LaishLyric

The moment when you enter someone else’s dream. Read >

Volume V

Foreword by Richard Thomas Read >

Lauren HarsmaOnchocerciasis

When I was fifteen, my father started going blind. Read >

Siarhey BulyhaThe Ferryman

My grandfather and his predecessors: those were true ferrymen. Read >

Сергей БулыгаЭй, перевозчик!

Это мне так обычно кричат. Хотя какой я перевозчик?. Read >

Volume IV

Foreword by Kevin J. Anderson Read >

Peter MedeirosSilence like a Falling Chandelier

April didn’t mind music in and of itself; as a child she’d learned they only came out for live performances. Read >

Brad R. TorgersenThe Hideki Line

Such a discovery was for scientific purposes only. Or, at least, that’s what the project team assumed. Read >

Sadie BruceScarlet, Crimson, Red

I know your life story by heart. Read >


Volume III

Foreword by Lidia Yuknavitch Read >

D.A. GraySleepless on Medicine Creek

A fresh weaving of traditional Southern imagery. Read >

George WellsTo the River

A walk across the field between how things are and how they’re remembered. Read >

Christian FennellAngel of the Equinox

Despair against nature leads to unexpected salvation. Read >

Ben ThompsonAll-You-Can-Eat

A “light” repast and unlikeable narrator bring welcome humor to Spark. Read >

Volume II

Hunter LiguoreMe

“I saw myself today.” Read >

Brandon Tietz
Ultimate Grand Supreme Super Sexy Baby

Alaska Scott is an unbeatable paradigm of glamour and grace. Read >

Michelle SoudierPerspective

It’s all about how you choose to look at things. Read >

Richard King Perkins IITranslucent Paramours

Life shapes dreams, and dreams shape life. Read >


Volume I

Introduction by Traci L. Gourdine Read >

Katie StephensFaceless

A man comes to terms with the body he was given. From Katie’s Circus collection. Read >

Brian ReevesHer Fruitful Shore

Personal conflict on a peaceful Jamaican beach. Read >

Alexis A. HunterBy the Gun

First in the series. Della Everett teams up with Colton Lynwood in this high-stakes western ghost story. Read >

George WellsLast Rites

The last night in a broken body brings unexpected comfort. Read >

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