About Spark: A Creative Anthology

Why We Exist

Our goal was to establish a high-quality, paying market where emerging authors and poets can gain professional experience being published alongside respected and established authors. We set the bar high in order to encourage newer writers to continue to excel and develop their talents while maintaining a top-notch publication to which professionals are excited to submit.

About the Press

E&GJ Little Press Logo
Spark: A Creative Anthology is published by Empire & Great Jones Little Press and administered by the Empire & Great Jones Creative Arts Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. The high quality of this publication is made possible by a talented staff of skilled volunteers.

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Brian Lewis


Simran Chandra

Writer Liaison

Simran is a medical student, who is currently pursuing MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) in Armed Forces Medical College, Pune, India. She has always been a passionate reader and writer, and even in stressful times of clinical rotations and conquering bulky textbooks, poetry remains her solace. She has co-authored a poetry book published by a national publication (‘Winter Shall Fade’). She has published a poem in an international anthology ‘In Our Own Words’ and various poems in national magazines. She has also published a few articles under the pseudonym of Jane Finn on Thought Catalog and onmogul.com. Currently, she is working as a Writer Liaison for Empire & Great Jones Little Press.
Maureen Schiavo

Volunteer Engagement Manager

As E&GJ’s Volunteer Engagement Manager Maureen greets and onboards new volunteers, provides support, and coordinates various activities with Writer Liaisons and other E&GJ staff members. She is the owner of Rock Dove Consulting, Inc., providing tailored market research, analysis, and communications services. Maureen earned a B.A. in English Writing from the University of Pittsburgh and her work has been published in Chantwood Magazine.
More than fifty volunteer staff editors & readers help screen submissions as they arrive, participate in the selection process through discussion and voting, write thoughtful feedback to submitters, and prepare each collection for print.

To learn more about joining our staff in any volunteer role, visit our Jobs page for current opportunities.

Contact Us

Pre-submission questions: query@sparkanthology.org
Follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

Mailing address:
6100 Horseshoe Bar Road
Suite A-133
Loomis, CA 95650

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