Kickstart Volume I — With Kickstarter!

We’re excited to announce a campaign to raise enough funds to switch from paying semi-professional rates (currently 1¢ per word or US$10, whichever is more) to professional rates of 5¢ per word or US$50, whichever is more.

Check out our Kickstarter project and make your pledge today!

Fund Creativity with Kickstarter
Fund Creativity with Kickstarter

What Happens If Funding Is Successful

Fully funding this project means covering publishing and distribution costs for Volume I and paying all contributors professional rates of at least 5¢ per word or $50—thereby enticing established and well-known authors to continue their participation and rewarding great writing from new authors!

Contributors who have already been paid will receive the difference between what they’ve been paid and the calculated professional rate.

Exceeding the minimum funding means paying Spark staff at all; right now the project is entirely founder-funded and a 100% volunteer effort.

Any excess after paying contributors and staff will immediately be put toward the costs of Volume II.

Are There Rewards?

Oh, yes, there are rewards! Since every dollar counts, each and every backer gets their name or the name of their organization listed in the “Friends” section at the back of Volume I—even if you only pledge $1.

Pledge at least $25, and we’ll make sure you get a free print copy and a digital copy of our first volume!

Want even better rewards? More copies of the book? Visit our project page to find out more!

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