Hey! Who Moved My Cheese?

Or, “The Great T-of-C Blunder in Spark, Volume IV.”

Most contributors and early purchasers have now received their copy of Spark: A Creative Anthology, Volume IV, and while many start right at the foreword by Kevin J. Anderson and read straight through to the end, others are looking for a specific story and want to skip to it. So they open the Table of Contents, find the page number for the piece they’re looking for, and flip to that page.

And it’s not there. Or, rather it’s almost there, but a few pages away from where the Table of Contents said it would be.

What happened? Who moved the cheese? Well, at the last minute, after proofreading and editing by a group of readers even more attentive to detail than I am, I accidentally unticked the little box on the first content page that says “Start Numbering at 1.” I’m not sure exactly when or how, but I know that’s what happened.

Before printing, all the page numbers in the entire linked book get updated automatically. A table of contents page … doesn’t. So if you’re looking for the foreword, the TOC says it’s on page 1, but it’s actually on page 7. Want to read “Scarlet, Crimson, Red” by Sadie Bruce? Of course you do! Table of Contents says page 426. It’s actually on page 432.

Now, this mix-up only applies to the first print run. It’s easy to correct, and the page numbers have been reset for the second (and subsequent) printings: if the Table of Contents says the Foreword starts on page 1, by golly you can bet that it starts on page 1.

If you are lucky enough to have a first-printing copy of Volume IV, I’ve provided this handy cross-reference to the page numbers as they appear in your book.

Happy Reading,
— Brian Lewis

Author Title Page
Kevin J Anderson (Foreword) 7
Brad R. Torgersen The Hideki Line 10
Alex Kane Nootropic Software Blues 26
George Wells Whose Music is the Gladness of the World 38
Erica L. Satifka Real Plastic Trees 46
Julia Patt From Here to Gehenna 50
Tom Howard Saint Joan the Two-Headed Llama 76
Alexis A. Hunter Just One More Sin 88
Marisa Crane The Infinite Tide 104
Peter Medeiros Silence Like a Falling Chandelier 116
Ace Pilkington Fire Marks 140
John Arkwright Temple of the Yak 144
Laura Redden Erturk Icarus Circulates through the Universe 174
Joe Baumann String Theory 176
Brianne M. Kohl _____ 196
Stewart C Baker Butterflies 204
Annie Bellet Innocence, Rearranged 212
Natalia Theodoridou The Vandalists 226
Melinda Brasher Sand and Fire 242
Kaitlyn M. M. Caul Happy Birthday 252
Su J. Sokol Slip Back, Move Forward 260
Michael Hodges 9 Steps from Door 9 278
JC Hemphill Dead Dog 284
Terri Wallace A Sort of Homecoming 326
Hannah Lackoff After the World Ended 330
A. E. Marlowe A Trans-Atlantic Occurrence 358
Will Mayer Half-Hanged 382
Florence Major Rising Hawk 402
Samantha Kymmell-Harvey Warp and Weft 406
Anna Yeatts Outside In 418
Sadie Bruce Scarlet, Crimson, Red 432
Hannah Streett Well Done 454
Chip Houser Mouses 458
Alex Shvartsman Bedtime Story on Christmas Eve, 1,000,000 A.D. 466

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