Poll: Would you buy an inexpensive ISBN from a small press?

Based on your responses so far, we have started offering this service for independent authors and small presses. Purchase single ISBNs for $15 or less, or a block of numbers to save even more at store.egjpress.org/isbn.

We’d still love for you to complete our poll to give us ideas for better meeting your individual needs.

As part of our ongoing mission to find new ways to support writers, we’re exploring the idea of providing a low-cost ISBN option to U.S. authors and poets—both as a way to reduce costs for the ISBNs we use, and as a way to pass along a savings opportunity to the people we support and admire: you!

While Bowker is the only agency that can administer ISBNs to U.S. publishers, we have the ability to manage both the assignment and the imprint for the numbers we purchase.

If you are an independent author or poet, or a small press, we’d love to get some feedback from you to help us determine whether to proceed with this offering!

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