Pearls Before Swine

What should you do if you’ve sent out your great writing and an editor has the gall to reject it? How do you respond when you realize you’ve cast your pearls before swine?

Writer Liaison George Wells offers some experience-based insight on responding to rejection in his new blog post. Read the whole thing here. (Be sure to click through to the whole article; if you stop with this excerpt you’re gonna get the wrong idea.)


It doesn’t mean you’re a total loser. It doesn’t mean you’re a total loser.

Years ago, I applied to Rivoli, a four-star restaurant in Albany, California.  Of course, I had delivered my résumé to several restaurants, but I was very interested in this job, as I had eaten there several times, and it was genuinely deserving of its reputation as one of the finest Mediterranean restaurants in the East Bay.

The chef thanked me for my interest, but told me that she had decided not to offer me the job at the time.  Of course, I had to respond.

Dear Chef Wendy,

You’re an idiot.  If you can’t see the value I would bring to your third-rate eatery, maybe you should go back to cooking school.

At any rate, I was hired at Bucci’s, so obviously they know quality when they see it.

Good luck with your little Italian chuck wagon.


George Wells

You are now…

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