Weekly Statistics for August 9, 2014

Find our latest overall statistics at SparkAnthology.org/statistics.

Submissions received during the week ending 2014-08-09
Total: 51 | Max: 11 | Average: 7.29

Categories for submissions received during the week ending 2014-08-09
Poetry: 13 | Prose: 38

Categories for all submissions as of 2014-08-09
Total: 3450 | Poetry: 1080 | Prose: 2370

Status of all submissions as of 2014-08-09
New: 261 | In Progress: 836 | Withdrawn: 410 | Declined: 1791 | Accepted: 160

Change since last week
New: +4 | In Progress: +21 | Withdrawn: +12 | Declined: +5 | Accepted: 5

Have you submitted to Spark? One of the best ways to get a feel for what a market might publish is to see what they’ve published in the past. This shouldn’t be prohibitive! As an aid in the submission process and as our “Thank You” for considering us a potential home for your writing, please use the code SPARK-SUB-2014Q3 to get the eBook of any volume for just $2 (or get 22% off any print copy). Redeem the code during checkout at store.sparkanthology.org.

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