New Artwork Category for Contest Seven

For the first time, we’re adding an artwork category to our contest! Your participation and feedback will help us decide whether to make this a permanent part of our contests. See the contest listing for full artwork guidelines and details.

Theme: “Monsters and Marvels”

Like darkness and light, Yin and Yang, monsters and marvels are two sides of the same coin. Each entry should include both a monster and a marvel—though “monster” and “marvel” may refer to same element of your entry. For a prose example, see the imaginative short story by Peter Medeiros, Silence Like a Falling Chandelier.

The theme for this contest invites open interpretation: are monsters physical manifestations of evil, or the internal demons that plague us all? Marvels: fantastic bestiary creatures, or symbols of the human spirit’s resilience?

Featured Artwork

This interpretation of our theme was provided by artist Tyler Lamph. Find more of his work at!

Artwork Judges

Up to twenty artwork finalists will be posted October 15 on, and the winner will be selected by popular vote.

Artwork Awards

Grand Prize

  • US$500.00
  • Publication as the cover art of an upcoming volume of Spark: A Creative Anthology
  • One-year print & digital subscription to Spark: A Creative Anthology

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