Contest Eight Artwork Finalists

Click any image to launch the large-size preview, or reload the page to change the image order. Voting is now closed.

Voting is now closed, resulting in a perfect tie between “Bridge the Gap” and “Tressle.” As noted when you completed your vote, “In the event of a tie, the final decision rests solely with Spark‘s editor-in-chief, Brian Lewis.”

6 thoughts on “Contest Eight Artwork Finalists

  1. This is a beautifully composed photograph depicting an older time of transporting people and goods from one place to another.

    It makes me think of the beginnings of long distance travel, soldiers coming home and food. Glorious citrus arriving for the first time by train, in the midst of winter, to the northern states of the US.

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  3. I found all the entries refreshing to look at but nothing original. I have seen many bridges and skies in both person and in photograph, and have taken thousands of snapshots myself, but neither did my snapshots catch the perfect harmony or chaos that comes with humanizing the discoveries and inventions of nature, science and the essence of life. All the photographic entries were unique and different but none have the soul of newness…none have that fundamental approach to tell a gripping story. Bridges cloaked in fog is hackneyed and repetitive–they do not shake the senses or revive the dying spirit of human eyes. The eyes are like gathered wind-torn leaves, they do not see the fingerprint of a camera’s flash and they do not see ever so far the limitless quadrillions of captured moments trying to be conveyed to prejudicial judges so they begrudgingly settle for what has been captured in an impatient lens.

    I chose Jungle Portal…I believe that’s what it was called. It was the only photograph that captured the meaning of human condition. The vast dark of nature’s unknown. When looking upon the dark portal one can only hope danger does not lurk inside the jungle. Every portal promulgates not only itself, it promulgates what is contained in the mysteriousness of life and how humanity can approach uncertainty while overcoming the apprehension and fear within an exotic world infested with poisonous creepy crawlers and labyrinthine landscapes. This is how humans are. This is how photographs should be, just like humans and nature. If they fail to be this they fail to capture the best of time and space and everything else measured in between.

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