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3. Enter Another Work

You are welcome to enter up to three of your best works in this contest. Return to the contest listing or upload another poetry, prose, or artwork entry now.

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14 thoughts on “An Important Note Regarding Your Contest Entry

  1. Ron, your Submittable account itself is what identifies you as the entrant and enables us to contact you at the end of the contest. (It’s also what made it possible to send the automated confirmation email to let you know that we received your entry.)

    That’s why blind judging works so well with Submittable!

    If you weren’t prompted to enter your information before each poem, it simply means you were already logged in. You can tell that you’re logged in because the top left of the page says, “Welcome, Brian Lewis” (with your name in place of mine, I hope).


    P.S. I’ve removed the contact info from your comment.

  2. Dear Editors. I have just submitted my poems for your contest but did not see a place where I could identify myself and my poems. [Contact info removed]

  3. Hi Brian,
    Thanks for the clarification by email. I just submitted a poem … and like Ron did not see any box in the Submittable that had my identifiable information.

    Oh well, my email address is there! I guess that can track me down. 🙂


    • Yep, if you’ve used Submittable before, it’s already got your contact info and may not prompt you to create an account. But not to worry! You don’t have to enter your contact info again, but it’s definitely there and your entry is associated with your name and email address.

      We just can’t see either during judging. 🙂

      Thanks for participating in the contest! It’s wrapping up to be a great competition of quality content.

    • Thank you for your interest in supporting artists and writers! If you would prefer to make a one-time donation instead of becoming a patron for as little as $1, you can do so here.

  4. About when will we know the winners? 🙂 I really loved writing for this contest. I’m only 15 so it’s nice to find contests that care about the quality of writing instead of my age.

  5. I entered the contest mainly because I need the money so I was wondering if I had to donate because I’m only 17 and I don’t work or own a credit card. I didn’t want to ask my parents for money because they don’t give me any type of money ever.

    • Donations are appreciated, but optional. Support from donors keeps our contests free to enter while maintaining a small but worthwhile prize.

      Personally, I would not rely on writing contests as a source of income; they serve better as a point of inspiration around a theme with a bonus chance of an award.

    • We can’t search by author or title to find it, since that would defeat the purpose of “blind judging,” but if it’s clear when we come across an entry that it is poetry accidentally submitted as prose, we will correct it.

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