FAQ: Do you accept multiple submissions?

“Multiple Submissions” refers to the practice of sending more than one work from the same author for active consideration. This can mean submitting more than one piece at the same time, or it can mean sending a second piece before receiving a response on the first. Not the same as Simultaneous Submissions.

For fiction and non-fiction, we do not accept multiple submissions.

For poetry, we accept multiple submissions, up to three poems at any time.

For cover art proposals, we accept multiple submissions, up to five images or artwork proposals at a time.

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4 thoughts on “FAQ: Do you accept multiple submissions?

  1. I have what might be considered a flash fiction (one typed page story with a beginning, middle, and end) that appeared in my high school magazine. I revisited and wrote a sequel to it from another character’s pov, in 10K, this year. Could I submit both for consideration simultaneously?

    • Maybe. Send this question to query@sparkanthology.org and we’ll talk!
      Are the two pieces related closely enough that they could be combined, with one being the “introduction” to the other? That might be a way around the restriction without even having to bend the rules.

    • Yes, you can submit one short story and also a poem (or up to three poems) and have them all under consideration at the same time.

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