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LET’S SAY WE LIVE in language.

Let’s say words are worlds that are tethered to daily life, but also escape it.

Let’s say that by having a thing with words, we are forming a secret and intimate and dangerous and loving and chaotic and obscene and tender lifelong relationship.

Let’s say that desire, life, and death all live in language, with or without us, and we enter and exit differently, representationally, on the page. That’s a glorious gift—the fact that we have a choice about it. So, when we commit a life to words, to a life of the mindbody and the labor of making art, let’s call that an ecstatic state—of literary devotion.

To this devotion, let’s not say “Amen.” Let’s say hell yeah!

These words, all of them, we give them and receive them ecstatically in Spark: A Creative Anthology.


Lidia Yuknavitch


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