Readers’ Choice—The First Two Years

Help Spark celebrate our first two years by voting for your favorite selections from our collection so far! When the votes are tallied, we’ll take the highest-voted pieces—two from each volume—and compile a special-edition collection featuring your choices plus four new stories and poems. The collection will be available to all patrons with an active pledge at


Voting has now closed! Here are the top three highest-voted pieces from each volume. Note that authors and poets are free to decline the invitation to have their work included in the special collection, and that each writer will have no more than one piece featured, so the final line-up may still change.

Volume I

  1. The Littleness of Susan Brauer
  2. By the Gun
  3. Last Rites

Volume II

  1. Oh, How We Lived and Died There
  2. Patron Saint of the Lowlands
  3. The Point of No Return

Volume III

  1. Letters to Mary
  2. Jukebox Lament
  3. Sleepless on Medicine Creek

Volume IV

  1. Slip Back, Move Forward
  2. Whose Music is the Gladness of the World
  3. The Vandalists

Volume V

  1. Letter from Lara, Yuriatin, 1920
  2. Where Never Snows
  3. Disappearing

6 thoughts on “Readers’ Choice—The First Two Years

  1. Hi! By becoming a patron (the smallest pledge), will I get only the *future* volumes of Spark or does it contain past issues as well…? It’s a great deal either way, but it’s not clear to me. Thanks!

    “—or get all our eBooks by becoming a patron now.” (on this page)
    “A dollar a month doesn’t hurt at all! As our thank-you for your continued patronage, you’re entitled to the eBook of each and every future volume of Spark: A Creative Anthology.” (on the pledge page)

    • When you complete your pledge, you’ll get a link to download everything we’ve published so far, and you’re entitled to everything we publish in the future as long as you remain a patron.

      We really only promise future eBooks, but I guess that this Readers choice survey lets the cat out of the bag that when you commit to $1 a month or better, we gush our thank-you by giving you access to eBooks for all volumes (and always have).

    • Holy smokes, in the relocation I completely forgot to post the tallied results! I have them. Let me get that posted.

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