Thank You for Your Submission

Thank you so much for your interest in Spark! We’ve received your submission and hope to get back to you soon. Our response times currently average about 180 days, as we make an effort to provide personalized feedback on each manuscript we receive. If you haven’t heard from us within that timeframe, please consider sending a query via Submittable or by email to

Note: We’re currently seeking staff readers to help us quicken our response times.

Introduce Yourself

In the meantime, join the conversation over on our “E&GJ Contributors” Facebook Group. It’s an open community of writers looking to share their experiences with writing and publishing, as well as a great place to get firsthand tips from the Spark staff regarding the submission process.

Enjoy Spark at a Discount

Print copies of the first four volumes of Spark: A Creative Anthology are available for $5 or less on both Amazon and the Empire & Great Jones Little Press store.


23 thoughts on “Thank You for Your Submission

    • Thanks for your support, Shirlena, we appreciate even the thought! Best wishes with your submission, too. I look forward to reading it!

  1. I’ve not enough to donate right now, but surely I’ll in future. Thanks for the space you provided me for submitting my pieces!

  2. Thank you so much for having a nice place for us writers to submit to! Once I get out of high school or get a job (whatever comes first) I will be sure to donate!

  3. I hope to be able to donate soon; I know it’s very important to keep magazines like Spark around for writers.
    Best of luck–John

  4. When sorting through literary contests, it is not always easy on the heart and mind to find a site with such a welcoming atmosphere. I extend my gratitude to all of Spark Anthology’s staff for your time and consideration! One may sometimes feel apprehensive when submitting for publication something as intimate as poetry. My regards to all of you!

  5. I was initially aghast that the editors of Spark’s Anthology provide personal feedback on ALL submissions! Recognition, gleefully. That we live in a world with glimmers of thoughtfulness; considering those for whom you open a two-way channel. (Cumulatively, cherish these meta-social-conduits!). The possibilities make me giddy. Thank you so kindly!

    • You can actually opt out of receiving comments by checking the “No Feedback” option on your submission. This is helpful for those who are more interested in an expedited response than reader feedback.

  6. I am so very excited about getting feedback on my poem and look forward to my future career in the arts when I get out of high school. Thank you for providing help as well as this opportunity!

  7. I got rejected a little while ago, but it came with some very helpful and very encouraging comments. Spark is awesome, you guys are awesome, and I hope you’ll enjoy the piece I just submitted.
    Thanks for being amazing,
    P.S. Will donate something once funds become availible 😉

  8. This page is nice, and I’ll be sure to check out your community of writers, but what I’m really grateful for is the reader’s notes you pass on with your rejection notice. Honest and objective feedback from someone who knows the business is amazingly invaluable. It’s one reason why you are among my first stops for all my… uh, masterpieces? Uh, yeah, sure. Why not? anyway, thank you for what you do, and for caring about HOW you do it.

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