Introduction to Volume I

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AN ANTHOLOGY REMINDS ME of a party. You never know who is inside until you enter. Will there be unbridled dancing, intriguing conversation, eclectic music, and sumptuous food? Perhaps a new lover awaits, the one who will offer an adventure you have been longing for. Spark: A Creative Anthology brings together a collection of works from new and established writers who all share the songs and visions of their craft. Editor Brian Lewis has compiled a collection of poetry and prose that displays incredible range and expression. Readers of Spark are sure to glimpse the promising direction of contemporary American literature.

I have had the pleasure of working with Brian—and several of the writers you’ll meet on the following pages—while teaching at the California State Summer School for the Arts. The Creative Writing program at CSSSA has benefited many young writers throughout the years as they truly recognized their art and how their writing and creativity is relevant and sorely needed. It takes tremendous courage to be a writer; it’s not an easy path to travel unless there is a community to welcome the effort. Spark provides an arena for a publication that is both welcoming and professional.

As a writer and professor, I often turn to anthologies to find fresh, innovative voices that are testing new ground within story and poetry. The party of imagery, character, plot and theme inspires me; the mix of vision and voice encourages my own. Congratulations, Brian Lewis: as an alumnus of CSSSA you have kept the party going!

Traci L. Gourdine

Chair, Creative Writing

California State Summer School for the Arts


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