Contest Seven Artwork Finalists

If you’re looking for Contest Eight Artwork Finalists, you can find them here.

Click any image below to launch the large-size preview. Each image is randomly displayed twice to give each entry equal exposure. Voting is now closed.

Voting is now closed. Automated or scripted votes and attempts to get around our “One Vote Per Computer” limitation were automatically disqualified.

17 thoughts on “Contest Seven Artwork Finalists

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  2. Very tough choice! I am so glad that I did not submit mine. Now that I see these, I realize that mine belongs on the refrigerator next to my children’s artwork!

  3. Every piece is beautiful and captures the theme well. Although it was very difficult for me to pick, I say keep the contest. It’s a very engaging and excellent way to involve the audience and fans into part of the Spark: A Creative Anthology series and for them to see and understand the great effort that is being put into the judging process of both the illustrative and literary entries. Even though I am not an illustrator, this is another reason to convince me to definitely enter in the following Poetry & Prose section of the competition for next year.

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